This Year, A Little Yellow Went A Long Way

2016 was a big year for us. We started this skincare company with two goals: spread our love for turmeric around the world while raising awareness about child brides. Thanks to you—our amazing customers—we've been able to accomplish both. Here's a rundown on what charities you helped us support this year and how we're one step closer to ending child marriage.

Empowering 100 Child Brides in Pakistan

More than 1/3 of maternal deaths in Pakistan occur among child brides between 14 and 17 years old. Child marriage endangers girls' lives and limits their future potential. Jaag Welfare Movement's mission is to provide education, skills, healthcare in rural areas of Rahim Yar Khan. This initiative also aims to end child marriage by advocating for law and policy changes.

Read about the outcomes here.

Protecting 5,000 Girls From Child Marriage in Ghana

This project aims to provide school materials, facilitators to in-school girls empowerment clubs, community based non-formal education in reproductive health, democracy and human rights to child brides and out of school girls. They also want to give one-on-one counseling and rehabilitation services for victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse as well as Community Conversations on early marriage and harmful traditional practices in Ghana.

Read about the outcomes here.

Empowerment of 154,000 Adolescent Girls in India

Every day, 15,600 children in India will get married. Almost half of girls in India will be married before the age of 18, and many will have their first child before they are 17. Child marriage perpetuates the poverty cycle and significantly increases the incidence of maternal and neonatal health issues and mortality. This project aims to empower adolescent girls, prevent child marriage, help to delay conception and support young mothers.

Read about the outcomes here.

Girl Power Project

The repercussions of the Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone had multi-dimensional with detrimental effects on young girls. No one is more vulnerable than an uneducated adolescent girl, living in poverty. If empowered, can dramatically improve the wellbeing of their families and their communities. This project is a transformational, targeting girls entering the most vulnerable juncture of their lives, facing their choices that will lead them to a negative or positive life.

Read about the outcomes here.

Send a Girl to High School with a Cycle

This project supports a cycle each for higher secondary education of 500 poor girls in southern Nepal where they are forced to walk at least 5-12 km one way for nearest higher secondary school. A cycle in hand, a girl is more secure on the way, regular in school, saves time and energy for better performance that help feel the gap of pass out percentage between boys and girls. Her continuous engagement in school means less chances of her being victims of child marriage at home.

Read about the outcomes here.

Progress On A Global Scale

  • In 12 countries with high rates of child marriage, UNICEF and UNFPA launched the Global Programme on Accelerating Action to End Child Marriage. Over the next 4 years, this program aims to support 2.5 million young girls who are at risk or affected by child marriage.
  • Two former child brides from Zimbabwe won a Supreme Court case to make child marriage illegal and unconstitutional.
  • In the United States, Virginia, Maryland, and New York. increased the minimum age of marriage to 18.
  • Chad launched a roadmap to end child marriage and female genital mutilation.
  • The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on child, early and forced marriage, which was introduced by Canada and Zambia and co-sponsored by 108 countries. It seeks to end child marriage by 2030.


2017, we got this.